About 4Zion

What is Zion? It’s a place that, despite all odds, has become a light of liberty shining in a dark and troubled part of the world. It’s also a people, who have survived years of persecution to realize their long-held dream of returning to their biblical, historic homeland.

What is 4Zion? It’s a community of active people who believe that it’s worth it to do some very important things for this remarkable place called Zion, for a resilient nation called Israel, and for the people who built it.

4Zion is made up of people who have a desire to learn more about the incredible history — and the hopes for the future — of this great land that both Jews and Christian call holy. They want to speak out and act on behalf of Zion and lead others to do the same. They seek to help by supporting humanitarian projects that strengthen all of Israel’s citizens. And they are committed to praying for the peace and future of Israel and the Jewish people.

Most of all, 4Zion is Christians and Jews who believe in helping, speaking the truth, and backing it up!