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Help Stop Anti-Semitism in 4 Simple Steps

Incidents of anti-Semitism are rising around the world — from neo-Nazi graffiti sprayed on synagogues throughout Europe to the bombing of a bus full of Jewish tourists in Bulgaria. One of the fastest-growing arenas for anti-Semitism is the Internet, where people can post hateful slurs and rhetoric without identifying themselves, and without much consequence — until now.

Each month we will provide simple steps you can take to combat hate speech online. This month we’re targeting a Facebook page full of hateful comments about both America and Israel. Follow the four steps below to help get this page reported — and hopefully removed.

Together let’s let our actions toward justice and peace speak louder than their words of hate.

Knowledge is Power

Anti-Semitism is on the rise — particularly on social networks. Before you act, find out what you should know about this recent epidemic.

Take Action Against Hate Speech

In order to help us shut down the “I Hate America&- Israel” Facebook page, you have to actually visit their page. Please be aware that this page is full of offensive content that we do not condone. We ask that you do not engage them with any posts or comments, simply report the page as instructed below:

1. Login to Facebook.

2. Go to the "I Hate America&- Israel" Facebook page.

3. On this page, click on the settings dropdown.

4. Select "Report this Page."

5. A popup box will appear asking why you are reporting this page. Select "it shouldn’t be on Facebook" and click on continue.

6. Select the option "hate speech" and hit continue.

7. A drop down box will appear. Select the "race or ethnicity" option and click continue.

8. A popup box will appear. Check the "report to Facebook" box and click continue.

9. A final popup box will appear giving you the option to receive an email from Facebook once they have reviewed the page. Click okay.

Join me in helping to stop anti-Semitism on Facebook by reporting hate speech.
Speak up now http://bit.ly/Uaa57A

Rally Support

Send an email to your friends and family telling them to join in our campaign to hate anti-Semetic hate speech on Facebook.

Dear Friend,

I recently learned that there is a lot of anti-Semitism on Facebook and that not much is being done to stop it.

I’m hoping to change that: http://bit.ly/TPzsRu

Help me to stop this hate speech and encourage Facebook to enforce their terms and conditions. It takes less than five minutes. Join the campaign at http://bit.ly/QDW96T or learn more at http://bit.ly/RiQJOs

Every voice counts, so visit http://bit.ly/TPzsRu and say NO to hate.

Thank you for your support!

P.S. Read these stories about the seriousness of the situation and the need to act now: http://bit.ly/VYf8P4