Avigail: “You are part of our family”

When they got married, Avigail and her husband made a decision to help the Jewish homeland by having many children to populate the country – especially in the capital of Jerusalem, where they live. Now, 30 years after their wedding, Avigail and her husband thank God for having been blessed with 13 healthy children.

Avigail wears a Star of David around her neck, and thanks God for the many blessings in her life, despite the hardships. Her parents were Holocaust survivors and passed on a love for God, Israel, and the Bible to Avigail, who is now passing those same values on to her children. “It is a real privilege to live in the holy city of Jerusalem, and I want to ensure that this city remains Jewish and undivided forever,” Avigail says. “My history and faith are rooted within this land.”

Avigail is a Bible studies tutor and her husband earns a living by painting houses. They live very simply, in a three-bedroom apartment that is furnished with secondhand furniture and nearly 20-year-old beds. Some of the kids sleep on a mattress on the floor, and they share a small closet for their few pieces of clothing. “We live simply,” Avigail explains, “yet we are happy. My young children all do well in school. I also have three children in the army, and my husband and I love each other dearly. God has truly blessed us.”

Each month Avigail keeps to a rigid budget to ensure that they don’t fall into debt. She buys the simplest foods, rarely uses electricity, and shops for clothing at secondhand stores. On an average month she just makes ends meet, but around the holidays it is more difficult. “I want the holidays to be a celebration and joyous,” she says, “yet I don’t have money to buy extra food. Before 4Zion began bringing me food boxes for the holidays, I served our regular white bread and soup for a holiday meal.” After pausing to find the right words, she continues, “It was not very joyous on the holidays when my children didn’t have food, and that was extremely difficult for me.”

Since 4Zion began delivering food boxes to Avigail’s family before the holidays, life has changed for them. “Having a special meal of chicken with fresh vegetables and special treats on the holidays makes it the most joyous time of year,” Avigail says with a smile. “Those few times in the year when 4Zion reminds us that we are not alone by delivering food for my children so that they can have a happy holiday keep us positive and faithful throughout the year.”

Just a few months ago Avigail’s six-year-old son’s glasses broke, and she was unable to buy him new ones. “For two weeks he went to school and was unable to read, and he cried to me each night that he couldn’t see and felt dizzy all day. I prayed for help from God, and He sent me 4Zion. Thanks to them, little Ari is now able to see with his new glasses.”

Touching her Star of David necklace and holding back tears, Avigail asks that a message be sent to 4Zion’s donors: “The people here in Israel are fighting on the front lines, and you are keeping us strong. I will never forget the goodness that you have shown my family by bringing us food around the holidays, and by buying my son glasses when his broke and I couldn’t afford new ones. You are part of my family here in Israel, and I love you always.”


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