Join Us Behind the Scenes

There’s a great team behind the scenes at 4Zion who loves Israel and loves to get to know you. Now’s your chance to get to know us a little bit about each of us.

Talia Eckstein

Manager of 4Zion Engagement, 4Zion

Talia is the program leader at 4Zion, an initiative of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, which was founded by her father, Rabbi Eckstein, to build bridges of understanding and cooperation between Jews and Christians and to raise support for Israel and the Jewish people. She is excited to be a part of this important project, and looks forward to strengthening support for Israel with others who love this amazing country as much as she does.

Talia is Jewish and lives in the United States, though a majority of her family lives in Israel. She has had a big heart and passion for Israel her entire life, and has spent a number of years studying and living there. When she’s not at work, Talia enjoys spending time with her two children and entertaining friends.

Random fact: She can walk on her hands!

Christina Johns

Community Leader, 4Zion
Director of New Media, IFCJ

Christina works with Talia and the New Media team to bring our supporters the best information possible to help them advocate for Israel and her people. She also works with volunteers who want to get more involved with 4Zion — anything from writing guest blogs to being a citizen journalist. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer feel free to contact Christina.

Her favorite part of her job is getting to know our supporters. They inspire her so much to continue this important work and she’s very thankful for it every day. She also loves the team at 4Zion since we all bring very unique things to the table and come together to make 4Zion what it is.

She is a Christian and went to Illinois State University. Her favorite thing at her desk is an Orchid her Mom gave her after she got back from a trip to Washinton DC where she met with Ambassador Oren. Although her favorite charity is 4Zion, her next favorite one is Charity: Water.

When she’s not working at 4Zion Christina spends most of her time on her love for music. You can always find her at concerts in and around Chicago. She also loves the theater and tries to see as many plays as possible.

Random fact: She is an award winning cartwheel champion

Amy Sewell

Manager of Interactive Design, 4Zion

Amy is the designer and developer behind all the technical parts of 4Zion. She built and maintains the 4Zion website and many of items on the 4Zion Facebook and Twitter pages. She makes sure everything works correctly and looks great before it gets to you.

Her favorite part of her job is coming up with new and exciting ways to help you support Israel. She loves taking an idea from a brainstorm session to reality and getting to see how people are actually using it.

When she’s not at 4Zion Amy likes to pass the time going to concerts, drawing, painting, reading, and baking. Her desk is crowded with toys representing her interests in everything from Futurama and Disney, to the Chicago Bears, Cubs, and Blackhawks.

Amy is a Christian who studied graphic design and computer science at Lipscomb University in Nashville.

Random fact: I took Biblical Hebrew classes in college.

Laura Coste-Bonetti

Project Coordinator, New Media, 4Zion

Laura is responsible for doing some of the posting to 4Zion’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. She also does all our analytics – which is a fancy way of saying she’s looking at numbers all day.

Her favorite part of working at 4Zion is the great teamwork among her co-workers. Although she’s never been to Israel her favorite thing about it is it’s food.

Random fact: Laura was a vocal performance major in college and LOVES the opera.

Amichai Farkas

Ami was born in Israel to religious Zionist parents who had migrated to the Holy Land after WWII in the early 1950’s. His family moved to the US when he was five years old and he was raised in NY together with his three older siblings. Although life was good in America, Ami had always dreamed of moving back to Israel and raising a family in the Promised Land. His prayers were finally answered six years ago when Ami and his new wife made aliyah (immigrated to Israel).

Ami studied Political Science with an emphasis on Middle East at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, where he cultivated a deeper appreciation and understanding for the modern state of Israel. Over time, he was overcome with the desire to contribute further to the success of this wonderful country. He writes his blogs to convey the feelings and positions of the Israeli public on current events affecting their day-to-day lives, and presents a broader Israeli perspective on news stories.

He is happily married with two kids and lives in the northern region of Israel. He is an observant and faithful Jew who believes that the resurrection of the Jewish State is part of G-d’s prophetic plan to redeem His nation from exile and settle them in the land which was promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.