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Technology, Healthcare, and Going Green.

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Human Rights in the Middle East, Religious Persecution, Christians in the Middle East, and Terrorism.

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Israel’s Border, Apartheid, the Peace Process, Anti-Semitism, and US/Israel Relations.

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Israeli Music, Movies, Arts, Literature, and Athletics.

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The Israeli Defense Force, the Israeli Air Force, the Iron Dome, and Israel’s Defense.

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Christian/Jewish Relations, Jewish Holidays, Biblical Reflections, Jewish FAQ’s, and Archeology.

There are a lot of amazing and interesting things to learn about the State of Israel. From understanding conflicts and issues that you hear in the news or just learning about Israel’s culture and people — 4Zion is your source for the latest information.

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Rocket Count

current number of rockets fired toward Israel since the third cease fire.

Meet the Newsmakers

Hover over any of the people below to learn more about their role in current Israel events.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Prime Minister of Israel

Netanyahu’s strong leadership has made him a favorite of Israel supporters everywhere.

IDF Soldiers

Military forces of the State of Israel

The brave soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces work tirelessly to keep Israel safe.

Michael Oren

Israeli Ambassador to the U.S.

In addition to serving as ambassador, Oren is a writer and a historian. He is an avid defender of the Jewish state — so devoted that he gave up his U.S. citizenship in order to serve Israel in his current role.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Ahmadinejad is notorious for his repeated, hateful cries to “wipe Israel off the map,” and the defiant pursuit of nuclear capabilities for his country.

Mahmoud Abbas

President of the Palestinian National Authority

A co-founder of the Fatah political group, Abbas has often received support from the international community, but has repeatedly failed to negotiate real peace with Israel.