Archaeologist for a Day

Just under the surface, Israel’s soil is rich with ancient history dating back thousands of years. The “Dig for a Day” program offers a rare opportunity for participants to dig and sift through some of thousands of ancient caves located in Bet Guvrin-Maresha National Park, in the hopes of finding pottery and various other remains. The caves were made in the Hellenistic period, about 2,200 years ago, and are found near Maresha, the ancient capital of the biblical Edom and possible birthplace of King Herod the Great. Watch to find out more about this incredible archaeological experience.

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From Anti-Semitic Insults to IDF Excellence

JAFI - Ezra AdanaGrowing up, life was difficult for Ezra. He was a member of a small community of Jews left in Gondar, Ethiopia. They dreamed, as their ancestors had for generations, of returning to the Promised Land. In the meantime, they suffered. “It’s really, really tough in Ethiopia,” says Ezra. “They hate Jews there.”

Ezra bore the brunt of constant anti-Semitism from his neighbors, who would taunt him with questions like, “What are you doing here? What is there here for you? You don’t belong here.” Worn down by this hatred, and hoping to fulfill the dream passed down by his ancestors, Ezra decided that he too would strive to make it to Israel. His journey began with preparation for aliyah (immigration to Israel) through educational and community programs run by 4Zion.

Soon, 4Zion secured a place for him on a flight…

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Why We Still Mourn the Temple

By Ami Farkas

Photo: Jack Hazut

Photo: Jack Hazut

The fast of Shiva Asar B’Tammuz – the 17th of the Jewish month of Tammuz – fell on Tuesday of this week and began a three-week mourning period over the destruction of both of the holy Temples that once stood in Jerusalem.

There are five events that occurred throughout history on the 17th of Tammuz that are the cause for the fast: On this date, the first tablets containing the Ten Commandments were broken by Moses when he came down from Mount Sinai and witnessed the sin of people worshipping the golden calf; the daily sacrificial offerings in the Temple ceased when, under siege, the Jews could no longer obtain the sacrificial animals; Jerusalem’s walls were breached; Apostomus, a Roman governor, burned the Torah in Jerusalem; and, later,…

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The Fellowship Dedicates New Ethiopian Spiritual Center in Jerusalem

Thanks to The Fellowship and our supporters, the Ethiopian Jewish community in the city of Jerusalem finally has a spiritual center to call their own.


On June 23, the newest Fellowship House was dedicated in a ceremony attended by Rabbi Eckstein and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

The Fellowship House Ethiopian Spiritual Center will serve as a place of worship, where the community will be able to pray 3 times a day. It will also serve as a home where the young and old of the community can gather for enrichment activities, community events, and other functions to help advance the community and make them feel at home in Israel.

See more pictures of the dedication ceremony here.

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Chameleon Soldiers: Camouflage in the IDF

Three years ago, the IDF’s Counterterrorism Training Center introduced a special department dedicated to the art of camouflage. Since then, the Center has thoroughly incorporated camouflage into its training. In addition to preparing soldiers to rescue civilian hostages and operate effectively in urban combat, the Center now trains them in advanced camouflage techniques.


What is camouflage? More than just a type of design on uniforms, it is the strategy of arranging objects to prevent an individual or group from being noticed. This can be done by using materials such as fake branches, face paints and colored tarps. Through their training at the Counterterrorism Training Center, the soldiers eventually become equipped to blend into all sorts of environments, including mountains, desert and snow.

Preparing a site for camouflage Preparing a site for…

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