A Deep Longing for Zion

Yael Eckstein:



For many years Ethiopian Jews’ journey to Israel was filled with fear and danger. When I hear stories of the immigrants who survived the long and strenuous voyage, their faith inspires me. In years past, they set out on foot from remote Ethiopian villages in search of what God promised to them thousands of years ago – a prophetic reunion with their people and homeland.

In Ethiopian villages life is very simple. People spend their days tending to their animals, praying, and being together with family. For generations, the Jewish community in Ethiopia – which traces its roots back to the lost biblical tribe of Dan – has focused on purifying itself in order to be worthy of rejoining the Jewish people. Their return to the Holy Land is now coming about thanks in part to donors to…

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Learn How to Defend Yourself- IDF Style

Fighters from the Israel Defense Forces elite combat units participated in the first-ever IDF self-defense tournament last week. The competition featured matches between soldiers from 16 units who had training in Krav Maga.

Krav Maga, which means “contact combat” in Hebrew, was developed in Israel and is known for its focus on real-world situations, making it an extremely efficient method of self-defense for Israeli law enforcement and intelligence organizations. It originated in the 1930s when Imrich Lichtenfeld, a European Jew, invented the self-defense method to combat anti-Semitic violence in his hometown of Bratislava, Slovakia.

Want to learn the basics of Krav Maga? Check out this two-part tutorial, courtesy of the Israel Defense Forces.

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Our May Supporter Spotlight!

SS-marian-avantsWe want to thank and congratulate Marian Avants for being our May Supporter of the Month.

Because we love our supporters, each month we pick someone who has gone above and beyond to support Israel, raising awareness of our work through thoughtful comments and by sharing posts.

Next month, it could be you!

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Asael Lubotzkyl: A Story of Resilience and Courage

Critically wounded by a rocket launched by Hezbollah terrorists, Asael Lubotzky dramatically transformed from victim to healer. Hear his story of miraculous recovery and how he used his limitations to rise up even higher than before.

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Five Siblings Saved from Freezing to Death

FJC - Timothy Maleeva.jpgThe Maleeva family lives in their own house in a village near Moscow. Usually, home ownership is a source of pride. But when five children and two adults live in an old, deteriorating house that has only two rooms, no central heating, and no plumbing, there’s not much to brag about.

During the summer, all the Maleeva children were adequately dressed. But as the autumn and winter approached, it became apparent they needed warmer clothes. Unfortunately, both of their parents are sick with various illnesses and physically disabled, so it’s difficult for the family to survive on the small grant they receive from the government.

The five children – 16-year-old Julia, 12-year-old Timothy, 10-year-old Constantine, 6-year-old Aglaya, and 2-year-old Eva – could not purchase the clothing they so desperately needed for the winter. They barely had warm enough clothes…

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