Bobby’s Story: Living with Faith after the Holocaust

In a moving documentary, Holocaust survivor Bobby shares her incredible story of survival and living a life of faith after the worst tragedy in human history. Watch an excerpt from this powerful film:

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Stolen Books Returned Seventy Years After The Holocaust

Seventy years after the Holocaust, Christoph Schlegel, the grandson of a Nazi officer, finds books in his home that were stolen from a Jewish man during the Holocaust.  A search leads him to Moshe Hofstadter, the only surviving son of the books’ owner.

Avraham Hofstadter, who was killed in the Holocaust | Photo credit: Courtesy of Yad Vashem

Avraham Hofstadter, who was killed in the Holocaust | Photo credit: Courtesy of Yad Vashem

Four books stamped with his name, the only tangible keepsake that Moshe Hofstadter has of his father Abraham, who was murdered by the Nazis, were returned to him in a moving ceremony at Yad Vashem on Wednesday.

The return of the books marked the culmination of an unusual sequence of events. Three years ago, Christoph Schlegel, the grandson of a senior…

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Emmy Award-Winning Filmmaker Tells His Story of Surviving Holocaust

In a new PBS documentary, Emmy-winning director Marian Marzynski tells his story as one of the few child survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto. In his film Never Forget to Lie, Marzynski speaks of the Holocaust as a universal human experience and aims to reach a wide audience, especially non-Jews. “I want non-Jews to know the Holocaust in such a way that they can apply it to their own lives,” Marzynski said. “This is the job I am doing, transferring the Holocaust experience to a new audience.”

In the hourlong film, co-produced with Jason Longo, Marzynski retraces his early years, chronicling his parents’ secular lives in prewar Warsaw, their confinement in the ghetto, his escape to the Aryan side of the wall, and his journey to the Catholic orphanage where he embraced life as a dutiful altar boy.

With an artful, empathic hand, he tells…

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