Bon Jovi Dedicates Song to Israel

(Photo: wikicommons/Bodzio16)

(Photo: wikicommons/Bodzio16)

This past Saturday, even as the Holy Land was gripped in terror from the ongoing violence facing its people, singer Jon Bon Jovi not only played his first concert in Israel, but also, The Times of Israel reports, dedicated a new song to the nation’s people:

Jon Bon Jovi’s kicked off his band’s first-ever performance in Israel Saturday evening by telling 50,000 cheering Israelis “I’ve waited a long time for this!”

A few songs…

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Watch Netanyahu’s UN “Speech of Silence”

Yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu gave an impassioned speech at the United Nations, a speech that because of a moment of quiet, is being called his “Speech of Silence.” Watch the speech in its entirety above.

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Crossing the Narrow Bridge

(Photo: IFCJ)

(Photo: IFCJ)

For the past month, we’ve told you about Rabbi Eckstein’s recently released biography, The Bridge Builder, written by Israeli journalist Zev Chafets. Today, The Jerusalem Post’s Steve Linde provides an in-depth review of this look at a man who has made it his lifework to build bridges between Christians and Jews:

When the Yom Kippur War broke out on October 6, 1973, the holiest day of the Jewish year, Yechiel Eckstein had been praying in a Canadian synagogue. Despite a parental put-down that there was nothing he could do to help, the 22-year-old’s first impulse was to get on a plane to Israel and volunteer…

Accompanied by an army jeep driver, Eckstein performed at bases on the Syrian front during the war, and on one visit, he came under attack while singing. “It was his…

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Tortured in Ukraine, Home in the Holy Land

(Photo: Baz Ratner)

(Photo: Baz Ratner)

Since the beginning of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, that nation’s Jewish community has been especially threatened. In the past year, nearly 1,200 Ukrainian Jews have made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) aboard Fellowship Freedom Flights. The Jerusalem Post’s Sam Sokol writes about a young man who experienced torture in his home country before finally being able to find a new home in the Holy Land:

“It was I think for 16 hours, maybe 18 hours without light in the basement, the little basement. It was scary. They threatened to kill my family if I didn’t tell the truth.”

He was yanked out of the basement and interrogated by a higher-ranking separatist who threatened to shoot him unless he confessed to working for Kiev.

After several hours he was released and thrown into the street…

Two months…

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Amazon Pulls Products with Bloody Israeli Flag

(Photo: Amazon product page)

(Photo: Amazon product page)

The power of social media has been used for good. Online retailer Amazon had been selling products that depicted an Israeli flag splattered with blood. Many Israelis such as Fellowship Senior Vice President Yael Eckstein – as well as many friends of Israel – took to social media to voice their opposition. And today, The Times of Israel’s Stuart Winer reports that Amazon has pulled the offending anti-Israel products:

Apparently prompted by the criticism, Amazon removed the products later Thursday.

A selection of items, including mobile phone cases, doormats, mouse pads, pillow covers and shower curtains were available from various suppliers, all with the same design — an Israeli flag with bloodstains across it…

The Foreign Ministry said it was “shocked and revolted in light of Amazon’s agreement to sell…

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