God’s Light in a Dark World

(Photo: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

(Photo: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

These are difficult days for the Jewish people. Our home, Israel, is being attacked by vicious terrorists, and Jews around the world – particularly Jews in Europe – are being threatened by a growing Muslim population which is extremely and violently anti-Semitic. To add salt to this wound, many of Israel’s allies in the West are holding the Israeli army to an impossibly high standard, stating that our forces “could and should” do more to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza – even though the Israel Defense Forces does more than any other military in the world to avoid those casualties.

And yet, despite all the turmoil and hardship Jews are experiencing these days, we must not ignore the many miracles we’re seeing. For example: Last Friday,…

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The Ceasefire Debacle

The Future of the Middle East: John F. KerryIsraeli politicians on the left rarely agree with their political opponents on the right; the chasm between their respective ideas makes finding common ground an unusual occurrence. This is not the case in Israel today, where the military operation in Gaza is supported by close to 90 percent of the population, and where the only disagreement is whether Operation Protective Edge should continue until Hamas is completely destroyed, or whether it should end once the terror tunnels have been obliterated.

There is one area in Israeli society where the ideological gap between the left and right is even more boisterous than the Knesset during election season, and that’s in the media. So this week’s unanimous rejection of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s ceasefire proposal by both the security cabinet and the media…

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Anti-Israel Rioters Attack Israeli Soccer Players in Austria

As Israel continues to defend itself against Hamas terrorists with Operation Protective Edge, anti-Semitic sentiment and violence have continued to grow across the globe, most notably in Europe. This video shows such an instance, when anti-Israel rioters at a soccer game between Israel’s Maccabi Haifa team and a French squad attacked the Israeli players:

A pre-season friendly match between the Israeli Maccabi Haifa and French Lille OSC soccer teams in Bischofshofen, Austria, on Wednesday was interrupted when anti-Israel protesters burst onto the field and attacked the Israeli players.

Throughout the second half, the demonstrators—which included Turkish immigrants—cried out anti-Israel slogans. At the 85th minute of the game, they rushed the field and began beating the Maccabi Haifa players, including defender Dekel Keinan and midfielder Idan Vered. The players defended themselves, and goalkeeper Vladimir Stojkovic, a Serb, pushed three of the protesters.

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Our Young Heroes

(Photo: ASHERNET/Ancho Gosh-JINIPIX)

(Photo: ASHERNET/Ancho Gosh-JINIPIX)

Two American warriors serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) fell in battle this week as the IDF continued its effort to destroy Hamas’ ability to terrorize the Jewish state. Max Steinberg, 24, was born and raised in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, and served as a sharpshooter in the Golani Brigade. Sean Carmeli, 21, was from South Padre Island, Texas, and also served in the Golani Brigade.

Over the years, thousands of American volunteers have come to Israel to serve in the IDF. These admirable young men and women – unwilling to sit idly by while Israel fights for its survival – leave their tranquil American life to help defend the Jewish state against multiple enemies. My nephew, Noam, who was born and raised in Chicago, was one of these volunteers,…

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The Spiritual Solution



As rockets continuously rain down on Israel, the Israeli people are displaying a defiant calmness. They understand that their composure is as much a defensive measure, in its own way, as Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Code red warnings of imminent rocket attacks are heard throughout the day as people scurry to the nearest bomb shelter, hoping and praying that their loved ones have done so as well. This is the reality in Israel today. We have been here before, and though we never want to live this way again, we are prepared to live our lives despite our enemies’ attempts to disrupt and destroy us.

Every time I get in my car I hear debate after debate on the radio as pundits, politicians, and army and intelligence personnel argue about the best…

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