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“The LORD has done it this very day;
 let us rejoice today and be glad.”—Psalm 118:24

There is a story shared about a 92-year-old woman as she entered the nursing home where she would spend the rest of her life. After waiting patiently in the lobby, she was told that her room was ready. An attendant escorted the lady to her room, and as she slowly edged her walker toward the elevator, he described the room to her. “I love it!” she exclaimed with the enthusiasm of a child who had just received the most wonderful birthday gift. “But Mrs. Jones, you haven’t even seen it yet!” the man replied. “That has nothing to do with it,” she said.

The elderly woman continued: “Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time. Whether I like my room or not doesn’t depend on how the furniture…

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Seeking Comfort in Israel’s Natural Springs

Israeli springAs temperatures in Israel have climbed past the 90s, many people are either nesting within their air-conditioned homes or searching for some cool outdoor comforts. I prefer cooling off outside in whatever refuge from the heat God has blessed me with. One of my favorite places to seek shelter during Israel’s long summer months is in the water of an ice cold spring.

Fortunately, Israel has been blessed with many natural springs, some of which are only a short drive from my house. At any time of year, you can find freezing cold spring, hot springs, and springs that will match the temperature of the season, as if they have a built-in heater for the winter and a cooler for the summer.

While swimming in a spring is great fun and pleasant for the mind and body, it also has benefits…

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The Magic of Jerusalem

Today is Yom Yerushalayim, Jerusalem Day, celebrating the reunification of Jerusalem and the establishment of Israeli control over the Old City in June 1967. Let’s reflect on the  Jewish people’s unbreakable bond with this sacred city that combines diversity with harmony, and modernity with history.

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Hatikvah on the Shofar

This is incredible! Check out this man playing Hatikvah, the Israeli anthem, on his shofar (ram’s horn).

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“Above and Beyond” – A New Israeli Air Force Documentary

Check out this fascinating sample reel for the Playmount Productions documentary Above and Beyond: The Birth of the Israeli Air ForceThough the film is still forthcoming, this short clip shows the inspiring courage and passion behind the Israeli Air Force.

From the producer’s website:

In 1948, a group of World War II pilots, mostly from America, volunteered to fight for Israel in the War of Independence. As members of “Machal” – volunteers from abroad – this ragtag band of brothers not only turned the tide of the war, preventing the possible annihilation of Israel at the very moment of its birth; they also laid the groundwork for the Israeli Air Force.

And for even more on Above and Beyondread here.

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