How American College Students React to ISIS, Israeli Flags

How do you think students on a college campus would react to someone waving an ISIS flag and proclaiming the glory of the Islamic State? How would they react to someone waving an Israeli flag? You might be surprised at the results captured in this short film by filmmaker Ami Horowitz.

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Students Take Exams Amid Falling Rockets

(Photo: flickr/ lighthousenews)

(Photo: flickr/ lighthousenews)

As terrorist rockets rain down on southern Israel, life still goes on for the people who live there. The Jerusalem Post reports on the students who are still taking their exams despite the rocket attacks, and on how The Fellowship is helping the region’s children and other residents during this difficult time:

“The matriculation exam was stressful – both because of the material and also because of the Kassams [rockets]. If there wasn’t a threat of a Code Red siren it would much less stressful,” said Aviv Levy, a 10th-grade student from Sderot who took the matriculation exam in communications on Thursday morning.

Levy said that just prior to the start of the exam the siren sounded.

“We received instructions from teachers beforehand on how to act and how to stay calm,…

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