The Internet Is the Middle East’s Next Battleground

(Photo: IDF blog)

(Photo: IDF blog)

While Israel is prepared for military attacks from all sides, there is another type of attack that is occurring with more and more frequency. Tablet’s Benjamin Runkle reports on how terrorists are using cyber attacks to target Israel, the U.S., and the rest of the world:

For the past year, the attention of policymakers and pundits following the Middle East has been absorbed with the twin problems of Iran’s nuclear program and the Islamic State. At the same time, however, another threat emanating from the region has quietly metastasized with potentially significant repercussions for America and its allies. Consider that since June 1:

• The U.S. Army’s public website was taken offline due to a Distributed Denial of Service attack by Syrian hackers;

• Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon publicly confirmed that Hezbollah was…

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What Distinguishes Us from Our Enemies



Last week, violence erupted in Israel once again. But this time the perpetrators were not Muslim extremists.

In one incident, a knife-wielding lunatic attacked demonstrators at the Gay Parade in Jerusalem, leaving one sixteen-year-old girl dead and several others wounded. The perpetrator was a Jew who just gotten out of jail after serving a ten-year sentence for attacking demonstrators at a 2005 Gay Parade.

In another horrific act of terror, Jewish extremists firebombed a Palestinian home in the West Bank and a toddler was burned to death.

The fact that these horrific acts of terror were carried out by Jews shocked our country. We’re used to hearing about Muslim terror, not Jewish terror. This news made every Israeli shudder in anger and disgust.

Over the weekend, thousands of Israelis demonstrated against this latest wave of violence perpetrated by our own brethren….

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Continue or Abort? You Decide!

During Operation Protective Edge, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) did its best to defend Israel’s citizens from Hamas’ terrorism. But even when their missions involved stopping rockets from being launched or terrorists from attacking, IDF soldiers and pilots were faced with difficult ethical decisions. Watch (and interact with) the above video to see how the Israeli military made moral decisions while defending its nation and people.

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Operation Yonatan

Last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the grave of his brother Yoni. Yonatan “Yoni” Netanyahu fell in service to his country while leading the daring raid on Entebbe – 39 years ago this Saturday. Watch the above video about this daring rescue mission that found Yoni giving his life to save the lives of over a hundred hostages.

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Open Your Eyes About Gaza

Israel’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has posted this humorous cartoon, showing the not-so-funny truth about the terrorists who use Gaza as their home base.

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