Throwing Stones

(Photo: flickr/ rustystewart)

(Photo: flickr/ rustystewart)

A close friend asked to borrow my car the other night. His vehicle was in the shop with a smashed windshield after a group of Palestinians bombarded it with stones as he was driving home down a windy road in northern Samaria – just a 20-minute drive from our neighborhood – after having led a Bible class. Though a flurry of stones crashed through his windshield he was not hurt, and in synagogue this Sabbath he thanked God for saving him from injury, or worse.

These stone-throwing incidents are occurring more frequently and are extremely dangerous. Another friend of mine lost his eye when he was hit by a stone while driving, and other less fortunate victims of such attacks have lost their lives. The situation in Israel is heated, as the Palestinian population…

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Remembering Steven

(Photo: facebook)

(Photo: facebook)

Ever since the video of American journalist Steven Sotloff’s beheading became public, I have not been able to shake the image of Steven kneeling before the camera in an orange jumpsuit, as a knife-wielding psychopath dressed in black threatens the free world before murdering an innocent man against the backdrop of a desert landscape. I was shocked and deeply disturbed when the beheading of the other American journalist, James Foley, came out, but something about the images of Steven Sotloff’s murder at the hands of ISIS refused to leave my mind.

I had this gut feeling that I must have met Steven at one time, but I couldn’t remember where or when. The truth is, though I’m certain I never met James Foley, I feel like I know him. We both grew up in the…

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Video: Iron Dome Intercepts 15 Terrorist Rockets at Once

In the above video, Israel’s Iron Dome defense system does its job, intercepting 15 terrorist rockets as sirens wail and residents look skyward. We thank God for the protection He has granted the Holy Land and its people during this terrifying time.

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Responding to the Senseless Deaths



Yesterday’s discovery of the bodies of Eyal Yifrach (19), Gilad Shaar (16) and Naftali Frenkel (16), who were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas a little over two weeks ago, has brought the entire Jewish state to a place of mourning. Spontaneous prayer vigils popped up all over the country well into the night, as mothers and fathers sobbed for children lost to other parents.

Candles arranged in Star of David formations flickered alongside tea lights spelling out the boys’ names, all encircled by teenagers swaying in unison, singing songs of redemption and pain, frustration and hope, faith and unity. Cries could be heard throughout the night in Israel as the country mourned together as only the Jewish people can, with unmatched unity.

Our enemies must not mistake our cries for hopelessness, for when the…

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Israel’s First Line of Defense



At a press conference yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that Hamas was directly involved in the kidnapping of three teenage boys last Thursday night in Hebron. Immediately after Netanyahu spoke, Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon addressed reporters and explained that over the past year and a half dozens of other kidnapping attempts have been foiled by Israeli forces.

The surge in attempted kidnappings is a new phase in terrorism. Although this tactic has been employed in the past, terrorist groups nowadays believe they can extract heavy concessions for their captives, in the form of prisoner releases. This has created a new security threat for Israel’s citizens, where even children can be taken hostage by terrorist groups.

The Israeli public has responded to the horrifying news of the kidnapping with incredible…

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