A Boarding School With a Heart

Fellowshipfunded Or Simcha is home to 300 boys ages 5-18 who come from some of the neediest and most deprived families in Israel. Most of the boys’ parents have passed away or were removed from their homes because their parents were not capable of providing for them. In many instances the parents were even a danger to the children, so staying in their home was not an option. Or Simcha provides a home environment and enables the boys to grow up in a healthy surrounding.

When The Fellowship’s Jerusalem office staff paid a visit to the orphanage, they were shocked to find that these children had nowhere to play. Or Simcha is their home and it was simply impossible to comprehend that these children didn’t have access to a playground. The Fellowship gave an additional $100,000 grant for the construction of these beautiful state-of-the-art playground facilities.

Thanks to The Fellowship these children are able to live in a safe environment outside of their homes. They can now also feel more like “regular” children who go to the neighborhood playground to play and socialize.


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