After a Life of Abuse, a Fresh Hope for the Future

Ravital grew up never having a sense of peace or security. “My father was an alcoholic. My mother, brothers, and I were all victims of his physical violence. I remember that my body was always covered with black and blue marks. That’s the way I had to go to school.”

After a childhood of physical abuse and extreme poverty, Ravital married a man much older than herself in the hopes he would provide a stable life. As the marriage went on, it became clear that Ravital’s husband was manipulative and possessive. Eventually he began to threaten and abuse her, even locking her in the house and following her when she went out.

At this point, Ravital began to fear for her life and the lives of her three young children, so she left, but her husband refused to divorce her or provide child support. The small salary she earned was not enough to feed her children or keep the creditors at bay, but she was too embarrassed to seek help. Thankfully, she was referred to the Ruach Nashit program, funded by 4Zion, and she began to turn her life around.

Ruach Nashit (“Women’s Spirit”) is a life-changing program that helps female victims of domestic violence achieve economic independence through education, career training, mentoring, job placement assistance, and lots of loving support. Ravital took a women’s business course there that helped her get her own small business off the ground and soon found a new job that paid twice what her old one did.

Ravital is very grateful to 4Zion’s donors for supporting Ruach Nashit. “When I first got to Ruach Nashit, I hated myself,” she said. “I was shy and afraid of the world. Ruach Nashit taught me to believe in myself ― to believe I’m capable of succeeding, to love myself…thank you!”

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