Anti-Semitic Education at Northeastern University

Last week Americans for Peace and Tolerance released a shocking 30-minute video showing Northeastern professor Denis Sullivan and other Northeastern faculty spewing vicious anti-Israel lies and anti-Semitism as part of their class curriculum. “It seems clear that Professor Sullivan has built his department to inculcate students with a hostile and demonized view of the Jewish state, with repeated comparisons to the Nazis,” Dr. Charles Jacobs, APT president told the Jerusalem Post.

The video opens with one of the most disturbing clips, showing Northeastern Economics Professor Shahid Alam telling students that they should be proud of being called anti-Semites. Alam bragged in the clip that over the past 10 years of his teaching there, the student body had largely turned against Israel, while pro-Israel students have been intimidated into silence.

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  • Barbara
    October 4, 2012

    This is very disturbing! America loves Israel because those are God’s chosen people. Poison spewing from that “professor” is of Satan and his demons from the pits of hell. God hears every word ! BEWARE of HIS wrath.
    I would NEVER support Northeastern University for allowing this propaganda.
    One wonders if they are being financially rewarded for this hatred being taught there ! God’s word tells us that those who bless Israel, will be blessed.

  • Eve
    October 4, 2012

    That this has transpired in an American university is beyond belief. I always
    thought our country was standing with Israel. Evidently too many people
    have not read the Bible which is for everyone. Guess these people do not
    wish to be on the side of our Lord. He has stated the Jewish people are HIS

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