Anti-Semitism Strikes Close to Home

Several Molotov cocktails crashed through the window of a northern New Jersey synagogue last month, setting fire to the second floor of the building which houses the rabbi, his wife and his five young children. The rabbi woke up to find his bedrooms in flames and suffered mild burns while attempting to putting out the fire which had caught onto his bed-sheets. Fortunately, no one else was physically injured in the incident.

The attack on the synagogue in New Jersey is the fourth in a stream of attacks targeting Jewish institutions in northern New Jersey. On January 3, a synagogue in Paramus was deliberately set on fire, while synagogues in Hackensack and Maywood, New Jersey, were spray-painted with graffiti bearing anti-Semitic slurs.

Please join us is praying that the wave of anti-Semitism which has already swept through Europe and other parts of the world over the last decade, does not make its way across the Atlantic and show its ugly face on the shores of the U.S. Pray that American will pay  increased attention to issues of anti-Semitism and religious intolerance in the wake of this firebombing.


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