“Disturbed” Singer Releases Song on Holocaust

David Draimen, frontman for the multi-platinum hard-rock band Disturbed, was recently interviewed as part of a Podcast series titled Voices on Antisemitism from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. It is certainly rare to find a heavy-metal singer who has rabbinical studies in his background, but that’s the story of David Draiman, who released the song “Never Again” in an effort to combat Holocaust denial and antisemitism:

Both of my grandparents on my mother’s side of the family are survivors of the camps. My grandfather was on wheelbarrow duty in Bergen-Belsen. It was his job to cart bodies to the crematorium. My grandmother was a little girl in Auschwitz. She survived being in line to the gas chamber on three separate occasions. Since she was a little girl, they let her crawl underneath their legs to the back of the line on three separate times, and after the third time the camp was liberated.

And you just see everything that’s happening in the media, you see people like Ahmadinejad who are out there trying to stir up a campaign of Jewish conspiracy. And I look at my grandmother, who still has the tattoo on her left forearm, and I realize that an entire generation, the last generation of people who are living who can say “This actually happened to me,” are about to be lost to us. And I just wanted to do something that let it be known that this is something that was real, something that happened, and it not only affected the Jewish people, it affected many people, but it’s certainly something that shouldn’t be forgotten.


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  • Maria
    February 11, 2012

    It is really important not to forget these events in order to continue letting know other generations, and more important to continue praying for the jewish nation. It is our duty as christians to let our voice be heard because we must stop this continued shut down regarding God’s words and commandments. It seems that everything related to the Lord is bad and everything else is correct and right. It is true the word has to come to pass, but it is also true that if we repent and turn from our bad ways and PRAY to God he will hear and change things. READ THE BIBLE

    February 10, 2012


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