Finding Our Voice

Writer Sarah Esther Crispe reflects on the tragic attack in Toulouse, France:

How do you break the news to someone that she just lost her husband and their two young sons? How do you deal with such news?

Was she sipping her morning coffee when her phone rang or a neighbor knocked on the door? Where was Mrs. Sandler when they told her that her 30-year-old husband and three- and six-year-olds were gunned down?

Losing a loved one is always tragic. Losing your children and husband to a coldblooded murderer who shot them point blank as they stood outside a Jewish school is unbearable…

And yet, may we actually say nothing? Might we allow innocent people to be murdered and not make our voices heard?

Our brothers and sisters in France cannot speak. Their voice has been taken from them. For now.

While they mourn, we must speak for them. We must let the world know that we are not going anywhere, and our voices will only get louder the more others try to quiet us. This terrorist and those supporting him succeeded in causing great pain. They caused a huge loss to families and friends, a community and the entire Jewish world. But they have not and will not destroy us…

Today we mourn. Today we cry. But we also must speak. We must speak for those who can’t. We must speak for those who won’t. And we must speak to ensure that we will never be silenced.


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