Friendship Outreach Vans Help Troubled Youth

To reach out to homeless young people, you often have to go to them. That’s why The Fellowship funds 15 Friendship Outreach Vans, run by ELEM,  a non-profit organization for at-risk youth in Israel, that cruise the streets at night in cities throughout Israel, bringing food, clean clothes, blankets, and messages of hope to hundreds of troubled, lonely youth.


Many of the youth who are helped by ELEM receive no support or guidance from home, so their encounters with ELEM volunteers are the only time they can seek advice about the struggles they face each day. One teenager who attends meetings hosted by ELEM said the meetings offer “a place with someone to talk to and to think things over with, without the barriers I encounter at home.”

We are very proud of our involvement in this project — and proud of the youth whose lives have taken a new direction, thanks to The Fellowship!


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