Israeli and Iranian Form Unlikely Friendship

Despite escalating threats of war and tensions between Israel and Iran, two young women are proving that ordinary citizens of these countries may have more in common than they ever thought.  Ynet reports: 

Ella Klein, 28, of Karmiel and Hoora Amin, 31, of Tehran, met at a diving club in Thailand’s Ko Tao island two months ago. Ella was working there as a diving instructor and Hura came to do a diving course.

The two soon became friends and earlier this week decided to post a picture of themselves on Facebook. The picture shows the two making a heart sign with their fingers on the beach in Thailand.

Ella wrote on her Facebook page, “On the other side of the world, there are no wars, no conflicts, just sea & sun…. me and my friend from Iran took a moment to remind everyone that we’re simply people who love eachother and love life!”

Hoora wrote in response, “Tao was the heaven where I shared the most amazing moments of my life with those who inspired me, those who I will never forget. Let’s hope for a day when we can celebrate our joy and memories in our home country, whether it be Iran or Israel.”

The photo received numerous likes and comments. “We decided it’s an important message to pass on,” Klein told Yedioth Ahronoth on Monday.


We at 4Zion most certainly agree!

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