Jewish Students at Florida University Receive “Eviction” Notices

More than 200 Jewish students at Florida Atlantic University recently received eviction notices taped to their dorm room doors. The eviction notices were fake, but the threat and intimidation behind them was very real — especially as the Jewish targets came to realize that the notices were posted by students from the group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), an anti-Israel group.

The University is conducting an investigation and we’ll keep SFI and 4Zion members posted on its progress. There are two questions we hope are answered in the near future:

How did SJP know who the Jewish students were? Did they pick out the kids with the Jewish-sounding last names? Did they look for kids with particular facial features? Did they steal a class list from a Jewish Studies course? The attack can get really scary really fast depending on the answer to this question. SJP members claim that this was a stunt to “raise awareness.” Okay. The Jewish students at Florida Atlantic are now aware that you know where they live, consider them an enemy, and aren’t afraid to target them.

Second, if your goal is to “raise awareness,” why just “evict” the Jewish kids?

The anti-Israel movement has, for years, hidden its anti-Semitic elements behind the cloak of something they call “anti-Zionism.” We and others have given them fairly broad latitude in doing so because we (grudgingly) agree that it’s possible to oppose the Zionist experiment without being a Jew-hater.

The incident at FAU, however, is unmistakable. It must be dealt with harshly. Arab and Muslim groups must unreservedly condemn it. If FAU fails to prosecute the perpetrators – and we mean prosecute in court, not by applying student disciplinary guidelines – it will get worse. If organizations that may agree with SJP’s political goals don’t speak out now, it will get worse. And, as these Jew-haters test the fences of what they can and can’t get away with, we risk seeing much more serious attacks.

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  • Teri
    April 10, 2012

    A Stunt….!! That was pure stupidity… and I agree they should be found out and Prosecuted…

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