Larisa: Feeling the Sweetness of Knowing That Others Care

Sometimes it’s the little things that offer comfort in the midst of big struggles.

Eighty-six-year-old Larisa certainly knows about big struggles. She used to live with her husband and disabled son, but her husband passed away four years ago. Her son suffered from mental illness and Larisa took care of him until his death in February 2010.

Larisa’s health isn’t that great either; she suffers from spinal cord problems, which seriously limit her mobility, as well as from hypertension and heart disease.

When a worker from Hesed, a 4Zion-funded social services organization in the former Soviet Union, delivered its regular food package to Larisa with the addition of apples and honey for the traditional Rosh Hashanah celebration, Larisa was very touched.

As she wiped tears from her eyes, she said, “I do not want to waste words saying how much I am thankful to Hesed for all the assistance I get. These things have been mentioned by me a million times – to my home care worker, my caseworker, and a couple of visitors I have from other Jewish communities.

“Even this small addition of apples and honey makes it feel as if a little bit of sweet honey has been spilled on my soul. It is not even a question of how much it all costs. More important is that people show that they really care about you.”

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