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Movies – we all love them!  Here at 4Zion we will be watching some great flicks and giving you guys short reviews of some of the best.  We will be looking at films that relate to Israel and the Jewish people, with topics ranging from romance to the elite units of the Israel Defense Forces. Make sure to check out some of the films for yourself – because after all, who doesn’t love a good movie night?

Movie: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Year: 2008
Director: Mark Herman
Writers: John Boyne (novel), Mark Herman (screenplay)
Stars: Asa ButterfieldDavid Thewlis and Rupert Friend

Review by Christina Johns:

What I loved:  Wow, there is so much to love about this movie! But what I loved most was the unexpected triumph of humanity – strange when talking about a movie related to the Holocaust, I know.  However, after watching the movie (and drying my puffy eyes – I think I went through an entire box of tissue), a sense of hope emerges.  There is an innocence to the movie, illustrated by the friendship of two young boys living in completely different circumstances. Despite their differences they are, to each other, simply friends separated by a fence. What I’ve taken from this movie, other than the reassurance that my tear ducts are in working order, is that even in the face of the ultimate evil, if given a chance, friendship, understanding, and kindness can bloom.

What I didn’t love:  Though I understand what the movie is trying to accomplish by portraying Bruno as completely ignorant of the horrific realities going on right under his nose, it’s pretty hard to swallow. The likelihood that Bruno didn’t know is, at best, improbable. Being as close as he was to the camp, he would have come to see and hear the horrors that were going on there.

My favorite character: Bruno’s mother played by Vera Farmiga.  So much happens to this character – she goes through a complete transition from referring to the Jewish prisoners as “one of them” in the beginning of the film, to being completely overcome with guilt and disgust over what she has done.

My favorite scene:  When Bruno falls and hurts himself and Pavel, the “doctor,” fixes his knee.  It is just a beautiful exchange between a boy with the world at his fingertips, and an old man whose seen it all taken away. It will make you smile with hope and cringe with the thoughts of what’s to come, all in the matter of minutes.

My Favorite quote: My favorite quote also comes from my favorite scene.

Pavel – Jewish servant: I practiced as a doctor.
Bruno: You must not have been very good then, if you had to practice.

Hope you all get a chance to check out this amazing movie – it will both fill and break your heart.


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  • lydia
    August 7, 2012

    It just goes to show if adults would stop putting evil things into children’s heads they would never learn to hate. Children are not born knowing how to hate they are taught by adults.

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