Prayer Points

Despite whatever strife we find in the world and in our lives, we find hope in the promises of God’s word. We give thanks for His care for us, and we draw nearer to Him with each hardship. God is called “Comforter” for a reason; He gives the gift of His peace and healing to those who come before Him in prayer.

  • Pray for strength and peace for the loved ones of Netanel Moshiashvili, an IDF solider who was killed last week in a gun battle with a Palestinian terrorist. “The LORD comforts his people and will have compassion on his afflicted ones” (Isaiah 49:13).
  • Pray for the suffering people of Syria. Ask that God will stop the murderous regime of Bashar Assad, which last week executed more than 100 civilians, including children and the elderly.“I know that the LORD secures justice for the poor and upholds the cause of the needy”(Psalm 140:12).
  • One thousand Ethiopians in Israel have received Bibles in their native language, Amharic, thanks to a Fellowship-sponsored distribution program. Pray that all who read God’s word are spiritually enriched, and give thanks that they are able to now more fully understand theTorah“When Moses went and told the people all the LORD’s words and laws, they responded with one voice, ‘Everything the LORD has said we will do’” (Exodus 24:3).
  • Pray for God’s provision and protection on The Fellowship as our work continues to grow, that we may be a source of comfort and strength to needy and suffering Jews worldwide. “When I fall, I will arise, when I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light to me” (Micah 7:8).
  • Please ask God to grant safety to Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein as he travels throughout Israel visiting Fellowship projects. “Go in peace. Your journey has the LORD’s approval” (Judges 18:6).
  • Pray for God’s safety and peace in Israel, and in any areas of unrest throughout the world.“The LORD gives strength to his people; the LORD blesses his people with peace” (Psalm 29:11).
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