The High Price of a Good Deed

Our hearts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of IDF soldier Netanel Yahalomi, 20, who was laid to rest in the early hours Sunday morning at the Modi’in Military Cemetery. Yahalomi was killed in a terrorist incident on Friday when his patrol unit came under terrorist fire from across the Egyptian-Israel border near to Eilat. Another IDF soldier was seriously wounded.

Netanel Yahalomi, a Hesder yeshiva student, was giving water to an African infiltrator on the border at a point that the border fence is not completed. The unit came under fire from the terrorists who were in hiding waiting for the arrival of an IDF patrol. Yahalomi compassion for the illegal infiltrators cost him his life. Before Yahalomi was killed he had managed to kill one of the terrorists.  After the clash, IDF sappers recovered a large number of firearms and explosives from the terrorists, including an RPD machine gun, a rocket propelled grenade, Kalashnikov guns, ammunition, grenades, and personal equipment, indicating that they planned a massive attack once inside Israel.  The terrorists wore civilian clothes and were also wearing suicide belts.

Netanel Yahalomi was born in Bnei Brak and was the third of six children. Pray God will grant them comfort and strength during these difficult times.

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