Where’s Moses When We Need Him?

By: Amichai Farkas

There’s an old adage that states that the fool talks while the wise man listens. Yet, if we look at most of the political leaders of our time, it seems that while they do a lot of talking they leave very little room for listening. Interestingly, Moses, the greatest of all Jewish leaders and possibly the most influential person to ever live, had a speech impediment – he stuttered!

That’s right, Moses stuttered. So much so that God appointed his brother, Aaron, to serve as Moses’ voice when speaking to Pharaoh. Now can you imagine anyone running for office today with a speech impediment? Of course not! Most high officials these days are elected mostly for their rhetoric and oratory skills, not to mention that looking good in a red tie does no harm to their chances of being elected.

“And Moses was very humble, more humble than any man on earth,” Numbers 12:3 tells us. Now can you name any leader today whose defining characteristic is humility? Don’t hold your breath, you might pass out! But seriously, how many of us even consider this to be a quality that our leaders should possess? I bet only few of us think to look for this trait in our leaders.

However, honesty, dignity, and the ability to do what is right over what is popular are all offshoots of one character trait – humility. Think about it; only when someone can humble himself before the truth and admit when he wronged, or deliver a necessary message to the public even if it means a loss in the ballot box, can he truly lead for the people, and not for the purpose of advancing his career or staying in office. This, no doubt, requires humility.

As Americans go to the ballot box this coming November, what should they be looking for in their candidate of choice? With the U.S. economy in decline and a world overflowing with belligerent bad actors (Iran tops the list), America needs someone with the qualities known to leaders of biblical times. Do you see any of the candidates possessing such qualities – humility, honesty, integrity – or not?

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